forever in our hearts

ibCH Bearpaw-Ridgewood General Lee 2, TT, HIC, HCT1
aka General
March 1, 2007 – July 29, 2016
brown sable plush
sire: Glorious Elvis Von Europa
dam: Shenandoah’s Keelie Of Sierra
height/weight: 29.25″ 110lbs
hips: PennHip L 0.24 R 0.27
elbows: OFA normal SLH-EL215M24-VPI
heart: normal, cardiologist, 5/2009
thyroid: normal, practitioner, 5/2009
eyes: CERF Normal, 4/2008
dm: normal/normal via parentage

his pedigree
bChptd Glorious Elvis Von Europa
NS abCH CJ’s Lobo Amado De Windsong, CGC, TDI, ROM GV abaCh Bionic Black-Smoke Of Zion, CGC, ROM Shiloh’s Wolfin Sasquach, ROM
bCH Shiloh-Kari’s Steel Saber, ROM
2xGV abciCH Windsong’s Katrinka D’Shiloh, OFA, ROM Shiloh’s Wolfin Sasquach, ROM
Shiloh’s Matoaka Pocahantas, ROM
bChptd India’s Princess Jewel Of Oasis, CGC NS abCH Snow’s A Tribute To Pax-Zion Shiloh’s Wolfin Sasquach, ROM
Mountain Snow Of Zion, ROM
bCHptd Zion’s Gretchen Starr, ROM bCH Shiloh’s Killer Grizz Of Zion
Golden Orcha-Kayla Of Zion
Shenandoah’s Keelie Of Sierra, CGC, TDI
Behuter Von Hinterland, CD, HT, PT, TC, CGC, RTD Int’l*

German Shepherd Dog

Am CH Dreamweaver’s Heineken, HT CD CGC/TDI Am CH Caralon’s Jedi Of Brookwood
Glenhenmere’s Gretchen
Maxine Von Holt, BH CD CDX CGC HT SCHb Captain Max Xvii
Goldie Xxxvi
Sierra’s Close Encounter NS abCH Sierra’s Shadow Walker Of Zion, ROM bCH Shiloh’s Killer Grizz Of Zion, ROM
Mountain Sheba Of Zion, ROM
A Mazing Grace Of Zion, CGC NS abCH Pinewood Lazarus Comforth Zion, ROM
K-Sura’s Mistie Weather V Zion, ROM

his progeny
  • Velvet/General, b. Jun 23, 2009 at Highlander Shiloh Shepherds
  • Misty/General, b. Jul 28, 2009 at Bearpaw Shilohs
  • Malibu/General, b. Feb 21, 2010 at Private Stock Shilohs
  • Cedar/General, b. May 8, 2011 at JnL Pocono Shilohs
  • Serena/General, b. Nov 29, 2013 at Bearpaw Shilohs
  • Lonnie/General, b. Jul 8, 2014 at Ridgewood Shilohs
  • Sophia/General, b. Jul 20, 2014 at BelleGrace Shilohs
  • Mara/General, b. Apr 11, 2015 at Imladris Shilohs